North Carolina Potters

Potters have been making pots in North Carolina for more than two hundred years. Many of them practiced their craft in the Eastern Piedmont, the Catawba Valley, or the mountains. To your right are examples of works made by select potters from each of these regions. Below is an alphabetical list that allows you to search for all of the North Carolina potters represented in The Mint Museum’s permanent collection. Enjoy!

Featured Potters

Dan Cagle

Janet Bolick Calhoun

J.W. Carpenter

Tom Case

W.W. Cassady

Charlie Ray Cecil

John R. Chrisco

Mack Chrisco

Shirley Chriscoe

Rudolf Christ

Herbert Cohen

Alfred Cole

Arthur Ray Cole

Charles C. Cole

Clarence Truman Cole

Colea Cole

Evan Cole

Everette Cole

General Foister Cole

Jacon B. Cole

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